Second hand

Buying jewellery does not
necessarily mean going to a jewellery store to buy a ring, bracelet or
necklace. Indeed, it is also possible to go to auction rooms or even on the
Internet to buy second-hand pendants or earrings full of history and often
dating back several generations.

Beware of old gemstones that
are too big and beautiful

First of all, you have to
check that the different gemstones such as diamonds, rubies or sapphires you
wish to buy are real gemstones. Indeed, a process developed by Auguste Verneuil
in 1891 allowed during the Industrial Revolution to make synthetic stones very
similar to the original “ruby, sapphire, emerald. Thus, some jewels made
in the 19th and 20th century with “rubies” or “sapphires”
are actually made of simple synthetic stones made with alumina.

Other methods exist in order
to “tamper” with certain precious stones. One of the best known is
that of the “doublet” which consists in assembling two stones of
different qualities. The assembly thus creates a beautiful stone, composed of a
real gem and a synthetic stone. If the result can be convincing, it is
certainly not natural.

Whether it’s a brunch with
friends or a formal dinner, jewellery is the perfect touch to complete any